Solution Architect

Job description

Will be responsible for evaluating software requirements, providing technical and system analysis, specifying architecture and interfaces, overseeing technical integrations, defining implementation plans, and being responsible for testing and documentation. Detail and document the specific technical requirements needed to integrate company products into customer sites, including performing an analysis on the impact of new technology, creating a plan design for implementation, customizing specifications for company software to meet customer needs, and developing project plans for implementation. Prepare functional and technical specifications for the software development team to meet customers’ unique needs regarding desired functionality and inter-operability with onsite systems.  Perform system administration and provide technical documentation detailing the hardware and software configurations and interface with all on-site systems that will interact with company software, including automated scheduling, play out, archiving, and automation devices. Create end-user documentation of company-specific hardware and software configurations, as well as help create customer-specific manuals detailing the customized use of the company’s applications in the customer environment for both Systems Administrators and end-users. Understand and analyze specifications of customer needs, both pre-sales and post-sales using understanding of customer workflows and suggested revisions to maximize the benefits of the software solution. Assist in specifying and implementing third-party integrations on select television and broadcast projects. Help direct the implementation process and coordinate the efforts of the developmental, testing, and validation groups with the installation technicians. Perform testing and validation of software, within or outside the scope of a project, including specifying test plans, defining priorities, and controlling results. Perform troubleshooting and problem solving with installations and software configurations and communicate with Quality Assurance (QA) and R&D groups within the company. Perform product functional reviews as required.


Requirements: Master’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Industrial Engineering and one (1) year of experience in job offered or one (1) year of software product engineering experience within broadcast industry
Location: Sherman Oaks, CA
Employer: Dalet Digital Media Systems USA, Inc.
Interested Parties should mail resumes only to Stephane Guez, Chief Executive Officer at:
Dalet Digital Media Systems USA, Inc.
88 Pine Street, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10005